Monday, March 8, 2010

Fire and thievery

We were back at 459 Bellevue yesterday for two critical pieces of Hedgerow: lighting and burning-down the fire that will be a central narrative device (trust me, it will work), and also to film Col. Brendan Doherty, head of the Rhode Island State Police, who recounted his encounters with Eileen which began in 1998 when he (then a detective) successfully investigated the theft of many priceless items by one of Eileen's butlers. A fascinating segment in her life -- and the film -- and Col. Doherty told the story with great detail and flair. He is, after all, Irish.
Pictured here are: Col. Doherty during the shoot, with Cal handling the camera, and me the questions; a closeup of Doherty during the interview; Cal setting up the lights; Doherty talking with me; the table in the main dining room, where Doherty first met Eileen; Cal, with rose-colored glasses; and Dave, Calvin and me discussing how to simultaneously shoot a fire and Doherty.
Photos by Y. T. Gabrielle.
-- Wayne