Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Falling leaves

Spent the morning in Newport, first on a visit with Nuala Pell to the cemetery where Claiborne Pell and two of his and Nuala's children are buried, and then I stopped by the cemetery where Eileen and her husband John lie in rest. Here is a shot of the Slocum plot, the mid-November leaves scattered among the yews. Eileen and John's stone is second from the right.
We are nearing the end of principal photography, with a major shoot this coming Monday at 459 Bellevue with Eileen's son, Jerry.

Falling Leaves.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Michael Budd, PhD, Salve Regina

To place Newport Society in the larger historical context, we asked Dr. Michael A. Budd, historian and professor at Newport's Salve Regina University to be our academic adviser -- and he kindly agreed. He also agreed to go on camera, and we filmed him today in one of the libraries at Eileen Slocum's estate. Beryl Powell, one of Eileen's daughters, was our host again.