Saturday, August 15, 2009


We interviewed Margy Quinn, Eileen's daughter. on camera for the first time on Aug. 13, in one of the parlors of Eileen's former home, which her children now own. Pictured here is the "set," if you will, where we rolled. Margy was exceptional on camera, as was her daughter, Sophie, who followed. Thanks to both, and to Evelyn, another of Eileen's granddaughters, who will be going on-camera in the fall.
Following the shoot, and a nice lunch in the small dining room (which brought back many memories of Eileen), we repaired to the Redwood Library, where we showed ON THE LAKE and then the teaser-trailer to HEDGEROW in two separate sessions -- about 45 people attended each, a very nice showing. Dave and I engaged in a spirited discussion period while the third member of our crew, Calvin Miller, took photos. Afterwards, an elegant dinenr at the Clambake Club, courtesy of Margy and her husband, Gene Quinn. Met some new friends and capped the evening by gazing on Newport Harbor from Bonniecrest. Our next shoot is all day in Newport this Tuesday, Aug. 18 -- including Yusha Auchincloss, an old friend of Eileen and John Slocum, and a fascinating person him self.
-- Wayne

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