Saturday, August 29, 2009


We continued through more production on Friday in Newport, shooting former Rhode Island governor and Eileen Slocum friend Bruce Sundlun in the drawing room of Eileen's estate on Bellevue Avenue. A nice shoot. Then, it was on to Nicholas Brown (pictured here in his harborside home with Josh, Dave and me) of the old-money Brown family (as in Brown University) -- a wonderful gentleman who spent three decades as a Navy officer and additonal years in public service, and now, in retirement, splits his time among Providence, Paris, and Newport, where Browns have summered since the 1800s. Nick had dead-on insights into Newport, and the world of privilege into which he was born -- both the honor and burden of being a Brown, one of America's foremost families in business, philanthropy, public service and the arts for more than two centuries. And many details about Eileen's estate and life. Eileen was Nick's distant cousin. Next shoot in Newport is Sept. 2...
Photo by Calvin Miller, associate producer.
-- Wayne

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