Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cold winter shoot

We were back at 459 Bellevue on Saturday to photograph more interiors of Eileen's mansion and to scan photographs of her, her family and her friends. It was a snowy day -- quite beautiful in Newport -- and Dave got some nice shots of the exterior of the estate, dressed in winter. We will have use for these as part of a narrative device. Then I thought: We need to visit Eileen's grave. We need a shot of her tombstone with the snow falling. So we hopped in Dave's car and rove to the cemetery, about ten minutes away. This is Dave with one of our interns, capturing the scene. This shot, and the scene in real-life, and for the movie, had a beautiful surreal quality. Unbroken, fresh-fallen snow, and only the three of us there amongst the dead. Almost got stuck getting out -- no snow tires on Dave's car, and nothing was plowed. But well worth our while. Back at 459, we put beryl on camera again, wrapped up our scanning and departed into the evening...

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