Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Newport Now is among the mainstream publications that are beginning to pay attention to our film. Newport Now published a piece in the June 30 online edition.

Among the other recent publicity:

The Warwick Beacon ran a story in the July 2 issue.

The Providence Journal ran a short piece in May.

The Rhode Island Film Collaborative also published a story.

-- Wayne

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  1. Hi Wayne,

    Thanks for the link back, but you'd be hard pressed to be able to find any news online from the Newport Daily News...That is, at least news that's freely accessible to the public.

    To answer that, we've launched Newport-Now.com, a new hyperlocal news source for Newport and its surrounding communities. We are in no way affiliated with the NDN, and are technically still in the development stage with an official launch date planned for the week of July 4-11.

    Best of luck with the project. We look forward to seeing the trailer in August!

    - The staff at Newport-Now.com