Saturday, May 16, 2009


Unlike ON THE LAKE, our last Midway Pictures/Eagle Peak Media production, we go into BEHIND THE HEDGEROW with much of our work done. By work, I mean the process of discovery that leads to the storyline -- the research, reporting, call it what you will. We began OTL with a basic treatment, knowing we would continually revise the script as we learned more and more doors opened to us.

Less the case with BTH. Here, thanks to the people I met and connections I made during the writing of the 2000 Providence Journal series, A Nearly Perfect Summer, and most especially my long friendship with Eileen Slocum and her family, we already have the storyline. And, with the amazing archives we have available to us, we have much of the source materials.

So now it's a question of putting it all together, starting with writing the first draft of a treatment. I'm about half done. I'll finish soon. Dave is eager to move along, and so am In.

-- Wayne Miller

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